Dave's Sample Survey Questions For Real Estate Agents

Dave’s sample survey questions keeps him on top of the game, by understanding the particular requirements of his clients. Within a text msg using this quick and innovative way to communicate, he is at the forefront of his industry with his own personally branded lead generating tool in his pocket giving him a competitive advantage. Dave is now working faster and more effectively than ever before by using Send Out a Survey View Dave's lead generator questionnaire

See Dave’s sample survey questions below.

Open for inspections

No more paper, clip boards, messy writing, and countless hours on the phone. Look professional and gather valuable information about each prospective client that walks through the door.

Lead Generation

Capture your clients details and property and lifestyle preferences. Get to know your customers and save time generating the deals they are looking for.

Pre-purchase Questionnaire

Save time and money by reducing verbal or written explanations about properties that the customer may not be interested in.

General Enquiry

Create a customer focused experience using clear questions and answers with images. Gain clarity about your clients needs and preferences.

Aftersale Sale Feedback From

The house is sold and the keys are handed over to the new property owners. Now is the time to get some honest feedback about your team.

Landlord Feedback Form

Gain valuable information from your clients, to ensure they are happy and you have met their expectations.

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