What is Send Out a Survey?

Send Out a Survey is a simple to use online survey builder which allows you to send interactive, visual surveys and questionnaires to mobile devices, customised with your business branding and images. It’s the perfect marketing tool for gathering targeted information about your clients and can be used in multiple ways.

Why is Send Out a Survey the ULTIMATE tool for photographers?

  • Find out all the answers you want to know about what your clients want to buy in a simple text msg
  • Perfect for photographers who are more introverted and dont like to “sell” to their clients
  • It’s an easy way to introduce photography products and wall art into a conversation
  • Its the ultimate tool for photographers who do In Person Sales (IPS) and sell wall art to clients
  • Helps creates your shoot list, so you can shoot with the end product in mind
  • For those times you or the client are in a rush and you miss key questions on the phone, you get another chance in a survey
  • Shows professionalism and increases the client experience
  • The client tells you what they want to buy, all you need to do is shoot it to make the sale

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How can Send Out a Survey help Kelly the Photographer?

Kelly is spending too much time on the phone planning out photo shoots, with no real clarity on what her clients like. She needs a quick and easy way for her clients to show her what they want out of their photography session, so she sends them a pre-shoot questionnaire with survey questions that display her photography styles and products for them to choose from. Kelly can now shoot with purpose and design the artwork that the clients love. View Kelly's pre-shoot questionnaire

What other kinds of surveys could you use in your photography business?

Lead Generation

Capture your clients details, add extra questions with images to spark interest in your photography. Perfect to use in Facebook surveys, Landing pages, Exhibitions etc.

Pre - Shoot Survey Questions (Most popular)

Send your client a text msg with their shoot date, time and pre shoot questionaire. Everyone knows what to expect and also gives you a great shoot list. Comfortable and happy customers buy products!

Tradeshows and Expos

No more paper, clip boards, expensive scanning machines or countless hours filling out spreadsheets. Grab real time data from your potential clients so you can start building the relationship with them immediately.

General Enquiry

Create a customer focused experience using clear questions and answers with images. Instant clarity about your clients needs and preferences.

Competition Entry

Competitions are a great way to market your business, and Send out a Survey is the perfect tool for client data and lead generation.

Feedback Form

Gain valuable information based on your target market by asking the right survey questions, to help shape your business going forward.

Find out how to use Send Out a Survey effectively in your photography business

Watch how Mark uses Send Out a Survey to increase his clients experience through educating the client on his finished products, and finding out extra vital information so he can shoot with the end product in mind. He then uses the results of the survey to soft sell to his clients which leads to greater sales.

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“Send Out a Survey ticked all the boxes for us when we were looking for software to capture leads at an expo we exhibited at. It is very user friendly, customisable and most importantly super easy to set up and for the clients to use – highly recommend it!”Johl Dunn, JD Portrait Art
“We’ve been using Send out a Survey for close to a year now. Our clients love how quick and easy it is to respond and it gives them a better idea of what to expect with us. Using the results of the survey with each client makes our photography sessions run more smoothly, as the photographer and client know exactly what they are creating, for where and for what kind of finish. It’s an amazing tool!”Sara McKenna, Sassi Photography
“Send Out a Survey is great, so easy to set up and really easy for my clients to enter their preferences. I can then shoot exactly want they want without wasting time.”Karen Barbar, Kapture Photography
“It has made it really easy to quickly and efficiently build more of a relationship with my clients and plant seeds which makes it so much easier to talk about products which before was a little harder for me to transition into. It’s now, a part of my business that I could not do without. I would recommend… and do recommend send out a survey for any small business that wants to know a little more about “who” they are servicing. Thank you”Carmen Clare, Dudools photography